Non-Trucking Liability Insurance – Do you need it?

If you aren’t insured, you are in danger.

This is true if you lack life insurance or insurance that covers the contents of your home against damage in the event of a break-in, freak accident, power surge or storm. It’s just as true if you are in the shipping, trucking, transport  or logistics industries.

Would you feel safe leaving the contents of your house alone for a five year period with all the doors and windows standing wide open? If you don’t have the right kind of insurance, this is exactly the kind of risk you’re taking with your company or business venture.

No logistics company (and in fact, no singular person) can be without insurance.

Being without insurance – or thinking that you’re insured against certain risks when your policy says that you aren’t – is being a sitting duck and putting your company on the line.

Non-trucking liability insurance is a specific type of insurance that doesn’t protect you, your drivers and your company itself, but also others and any injuries or damages they might have caused or incurred in the event of an accident involving someone from your fleet.

What is Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

A lot of trucking, transport and logistics company owners have never even heard of non-trucking liability insurance: If you’re hearing about it before the eventuality of an accident or claim happens to you, you’re one of the lucky ones who have a chance to get insured first.

Non-trucking liability insurance is for everyone in an accident that incurs injury and damages (or might claim costs for damages or injuries against you): It can involve both people and property of other personal drivers or companies that are involved in accidents.

Without non-trucking liability insurance, the person or company responsible for outside liabilities that arise from accidents on your watch is going to be you: In most cases, this is a drastic financial impact that most businesses just aren’t equipped to take and get out on the other side unscathed.

If you have adequate and paid-up non-trucking liability insurance, then you’re covered – and others around you are too – so that your company doesn’t have to bear the weight of a full claim or the financial disaster that might come with it.

Finding the Right Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Non-trucking liability insurance makes up part of a comprehensive insurance plan: Larger companies or companies who want to grow to larger proportions and take on more routes might need to get both regular trucking insurance and non-trucking liability.

There are several tricks to finding the right insurance for your company. To make it easier…

1. Seek several quotes from several insurance companies, even if you are already insured by another provider: Sometimes you can get cheaper, better service just by going to the effort of looking around for something else.

2. If you are already insured against damages (or think you are), double-check your current type of insurance or individual insurance policy. The most likely event is that you aren’t insured for as much as you think you are – and even the insurance you have right now was sold as comprehensive to you at the time, it was likely lacking when it comes to non-trucking liability insurance.

3. Don’t think of finding insurance as just another task: In reality, it’s something that can save the lives and livelihood in many in the event of an accident or claim – and this includes other drivers, pedestrians and your own family and company.

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