Hot Shot Insurance – What is It?

Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

If you've never heard about hot shot insurance before, that's probably what brought you to this very page: The term is one that's pretty hot in logistics, trucking and transport right now - and a lot of small companies might fit the definition of being a hot shot trucking or logistics company without realizing that this is what they are.

Hot shot trucking companies are one or two-person business ventures. These are ones that use one-tonners or smaller trucks to fulfill their transport supply needs - and usually they use a small fleet of vehicles or only one or two.

Most hot shot trucking companies are registered, though small.  They're also one of the most important parts of the overall supply chain.

What Hot Shot Companies Do?

Hot shot companies are often smaller businesses that cater to quicker jobs or shorter routes than their larger counterparts. They are the guys larger companies need to make their jobs a little easier - and if you own a hot shot company, you likely work together with larger contractors to form a larger business relationship that works well for the both of you.

Hot shot companies take just as much risk as the larger companies: In fact, they might carry more associated risks due to the fact that so many larger companies and parts of the supply chain form rely on them.

This means that they need hot shot insurance.

Do I Need Hot Shot Insurance?

If you are a hot shot company like we've described above, then you're going to need hot shot insurance.

Being on the road means that accidents can happen: Ones caused by drivers, ones caused by vehicle faults, ones caused by environmental factors, weather factors and other drivers (oh, my!).

Being insured means that you're prepared.

Hot shot trucking companies need insurance just as much as everyone else. They are just as much as risk, and they are usually not covered by the insurance of the larger companies they work for or with.

What's Hot Shot Insurance?

The concept of a hot shot company might describe yours.

Hot shot insurance is what helps to protect you against damages or claims in the event of accidents, whether these accidents were your fault or someone else's.

Smaller companies could face bigger issues if they are involved in accidents or suddenly face potential claims. What would you do if you had an accident claim (or damages yourself arising from an accident event) that totaled more than your business could pay for?

It would and could sink you: It's an unfortunate truth that has struck many companies so far - and can strike many companies from here on in.

Hot Shot insurance is great because it caters to the needs of your company and gives you exactly what you need: Protection against the most likely dangers you as a hot shot company can encounter on the road.

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